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Belcarra Technologies has been a leader in the evolution of USB and it’s use for connecting network peripherals of all types. As a pioneer in the provision of driver software both for smart peripherals as well as for the desktop operating systems that support them, Belcarra’s solutions enable devices to share data across the USB fabric as if they were connected to an otherwise normal TCP/IP network via Ethernet.

Belcarra Overo DEMO Project

Preparing a Micro-SD Memory Card for use with Gumstix COM

This document describes how to partition, format, and copy files to a 4GB Micro-SD memory card for use in a Gumstix for the Belcarra Overo DEMO project.

General note:  User input is shown in bold face non-italic type.

Required equipment:
  • A Linux-based PC - any distribution should work.  The machine used in this example is running Ubuntu 10.04.  RedHat systems will work with no changes to the commands you will need to use.
    NOTE: If you are a “regular” user then “sudo” will need to be set up so that you can obtain “root” permissions.
  • A suitable SD card or Micro-SD card reader/writer which plugs into a USB port.
  • A Micro-SD card (with SD adapter) 4GB in size.  This example uses a Kingston Technology card, other makes should work as well.
Insert the Micro-SD card into the reader/writer - you may have to use the SD card adapter. There are Micro-SD card readers/writers available.  Use one of those if you have access to one.

Insert the SD/Micro-SD card reader/writer into a USB port on the PC.

If your Linux machine mounts partitions automatically (as on an Ubuntu system) any partition(s) on the Micro-SD card will be mounted.  Use the “mount” command to show what’s on 

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