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Belcarra Technologies has been a leader in the evolution of USB and it’s use for connecting network peripherals of all types. As a pioneer in the provision of driver software both for smart peripherals as well as for the desktop operating systems that support them, Belcarra’s solutions enable devices to share data across the USB fabric as if they were connected to an otherwise normal TCP/IP network via Ethernet.

Microchip PIC32 Networking over USB

Belcarra’s implementation of Networking over USB for the Microchip PIC32 is a very low cost networking solution for PIC32 projects, eliminating the need to add an Ethernet chip while using less Flash and RAM resources.

Full details and demonstration kit download available here.


Belcarra's TestDrive environment for USB Networking protocols has been revisited using TI's PandaBoards.

A full description: Installing and using TestDrive-Panda is available here.

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